Katalonisches Mirause

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Auf der Grundlage von 2 Stimmen


1 Huhn von ~1,6kg
0,75 Ts geröstete, fein gehackte Mandeln
0,25 Ts Brotkrumen
300 ml kräftige Hühnerbrühe und Bratensaft
1 EL Essig
0,5 TL Zimt
0,5 TL Ingwer
1 EL Zucker


Ofen auf 230°C vorheizen, Huhn hinein geben, Temperatur auf 180°C reduzieren, ~45 min backen. Mandeln, Brotkrumen, Essig und etwas Hühnerbrühe mischen und durch den Mixer geben. Huhn zerlegen, mit der Soße, den Gewürzen, dem Bratenfond, Zucker und der restlichen Hühnerbrühe in einen Topf geben. ~15 min unter ständigem Rühren kochen.

Und hier das Original:

Mirause of Catelonia

The Catelans are a refined people who in character and customs are hardly unlike the Italians and skillful with food; they have a dish which they call mirause and prepare it thus: capons or pullets or pigeons well cleaned and washed they put together on a spit and turn over the hearth until they are half cooked. Then they remove them and cut them in pieces and put them in a pot. Then they chop almonds that have been toasted under warm ashes and cleaned with some cloth. To this they add some bread crumbs lightly toasted with vinegar and juice and pass all this through a strainer. This is all put in the same pot with cinnamon and ginger and a good amount of sugar and left to boil on the coals with a slow fire until it is done, all the time being stirred with a spoon so that it does not stick to the pot.

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